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Speaker: Lothar Krause

Lothar Krause

Lothar Krause


Lothar Krause worked since the beginning of this millennium in different areas of online marketing. He started to become an advocate of programmatic advertising, as one of the very first members of Berlin-based programmatic DSP sociomantic. Lothar helped shape the company’s global expansion and product development endeavours. He supported lots of global advertisers to test and rollout their programmatic buying and selling strategy. After finishing his study of business administration, Lothar worked for companies such as eBay, zanox, zalando and sociomantic. He is sharing his experience as a consultant, advisor and as a speaker at universities and conferences. Since February 2019 he is as the Regional Director Central Europe in charge of the further European expansion of the consent management platform Lothar is convinced that there is lots of unused potential in the area of programmatic Buying and Selling and in the interaction of online marketing, business intelligence and CRM.

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  • 2011 MAIN: RTB Ecommerce: Wie Sociomantic für seine Kunden über Real Time Bidding profitable Umsätze generiert

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