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Speaker: Thomas Hertkorn

Thomas Hertkorn

Thomas Hertkorn

a&o hostels Marketing

Small teams can put on a great performance – intelligent marketing at cost-effective prices!" According to Thomas Hertkorn, Head of Online Marketing at a&o Hotels and Hostels since the start of 2018, courage and technology go hand in hand, create a first-mover advantage and are the key to success. "Full cost control" is the 34-year-old's motto, having worked in e-business for over a decade. He plans to give Europe's largest privately-run hostel chain (more than 4 million overnight stays in 2017) an even stronger position as a front-runner in the industry, with a&o already boasting an online booking rate of almost 70 per cent. Hertkorn previously worked at the Scout24 Group, Hyundai/Kia and the Vacanceselect Group.

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