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Hamburg, Germany

Speaker: Kai Schmidhuber

Kai Schmidhuber Kai Schmidhuber L'Oréal

Kai Schmidhuber is Chief Digital Officer of L'Oréal, the global beauty market leader. He is responsible for the cross-brand digital transformation of the company, focusing on e-commerce, digital customer relationships (CRM), big data analytics and innovation for Germany. After starting with global consumer goods manufacturer Henkel, he was responsible for its international brand strategy. After moving to Deutsche Post DHL, Kai Schmidhuber was vice president of product development for DHL's new business, including building the third largest German online marketplace, introducing same-day delivery in Germany, and developing the delivery of parcels by drone. Prior to joining L'Oréal Deutschland, Kai Schmidhuber was Senior Vice President for the overall digitalization strategy of Fraport AG (Frankfurt Airport, among others), especially in the areas of UX, online shopping, CRM and mobile applications. Mr. Schmidhuber is also a successful e-business founder and venture capitalist.

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