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Speaker: Thomas Zimmermann

Thomas Zimmermann

Thomas Zimmermann


Thomas Zimmermann joined the mytaxi team in May 2018 as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). He is responsible for Marketing, Public Affairs, Communications, International Operation, Business Development and Sales. Previously, Zimmermann was VP Marketing and Operations as well as part of the Senior Management Team at the HitFox Group. At this time, he was also responsible for HitFox subsidiary Heartbeat Labs. From 2013 to 2017, Zimmermann led the Marketing department as Head of Marketing and later CMO at the online games provider Goodgame Studio, where he was also Managing Partner and Procurator. He has a diploma at the university of Ilmenau, where he studied Marketing & Market Research as well as Management & Organizational Design.

To be seen at d3con 2019 on the following sessions:

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