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Speaker: Frederike Probert

Frederike Probert

Frederike Probert

Mission Female

Frederike is the CEO and founder of Mission Female. She is an entrepreneur in the digital economy and a vigorous expert for gender diversity. Her passion is to elevate female values in the workplace. She devoted herself to becoming a partner for companies and develop concrete strategies and initiatives to make women and businesses more successful.
Frederike has not only made a name in the tech industry with her last company orbyd , she also worked in leading positions for international companies such as AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, AudienceScience and AppNexus Frederike. She always had a strong focus on media and technology throughout her career. This is how she experienced what it is like to be a business woman in a male dominated industry.
Being Vice-President of the Association for the Digital Economy in Germany (BVDW), she is not only a leader in the digital industry, but also broadly known for advancing gender equality.
With Mission Female Frederike underlines the importance of mutual empowerment among women and actively plays her part in making the business world more female. It’s time to stop talking about the importance of gender diversity and start with actions.

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