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Speaker: Svea Fina

Svea Fina

Svea Fina


Svea Fina lives in Hamburg and London and is the founder and managing director of FINA · DIGITAL, a digital agency headquartered in Hamburg that develops strategies to show companies their digital potential, to open up new product and distribution channels and to guide them through these complex processes of change. FINA · DIGITAL also creates digital content concepts, produces brand content and discovers and presents the hidden assets that are in every brand. Your story is then presented to a targeted audience to create a strong and sustainable interaction between the customer and your company to achieve an effective brand familiarity and loyalty. Our clientele includes the international beauty company, AVON, the traditional German company, PETER KÖLLN and the renowned DIE ZEIT publishing group. FINA · DIGITAL also operates content production facilities in Dubai and Cape Town. Prior to FINA · DIGITAL’s founding in 2014, Svea was involved with a number of production companies and worked in international marketing for BEIERSDORF and MONTBLANC. She studied cultural sciences at the LEUPHANA UNIVERSITY with a focus on business administration and communication and, in addition to school and studies, has worked as an international model in Paris, Milan and Tokyo. As well as her duties as managing director of FINA · DIGITAL, she is also the moderator and expert for events and congresses within the digital sector. Her experience includes The 2017 Future Summit of Hamburg @ Work at SOLUTIONS HAMBURG, the largest IT Congress in Germany and working as a speaker and presenter at other digital events during 2018 and 2019 for companies such as COMMERZBANK and the Finnish group, WÄRTSILÄ.

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