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Speaker: Alisa Türck

Alisa Türck

Alisa Türck


Alisa Türck is the founder of Türck GmbH - The Game Changer Company, a top management consultancy specialized in digital transformation and digital business models. With her global network of digital experts, she puts together the perfect teams tailored to the needs of the customers.
With nearly 20 years of proven expertise in the digital industry, she has a broad access to an ecosystem of start-ups, companies and partners. Prior to founding the management consultancy in 2017, Alisa worked 14 years for the media agency pilot. As managing director she was responsible for the entire digital business.
She is also a lecturer at Squared Online, a member of the advisory board of Buzzbird GmbH, a founding member of Orange Ocean and a mentor for start-ups and women in the digital industry.

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