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Speaker: Tobias Börner

Tobias Börner

Tobias Börner


Tobias Börner is one of the co-founders of LOVOO and took over the role as CMO in 2012. Under his lead, the company started early on to be active in all areas of marketing. True to the motto “mobile first” his passion is with performance marketing, product management and UI, as well as all experimental innovations surrounding the topic of user acquisition. In the course of international expansion, he was also responsible for all marketing activities for a further 8 countries. After the very successful exit in 2017 and the integration into the listed The Meet Group, he concentrated more on the management of the European business. Under his leadership, LOVOO was voted Germany's most popular app by users in the annual Google Play App election in 2018. He is currently pushing ahead with the expansion of the future topic of live streaming. Before his time at LOVOO Tobias Börner worked as a business promoter, independent marketing consultant and managing director of an advertising agency.

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