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April 26th & 27th 2022 in Hamburg
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Speaker: Ute Lauer

Ute Lauer

Ute Lauer

Deutsche Lufthansa

As Head of Marketing Steering, Intelligence & Processes, Ute Lauer leads a team of digital, data and tech specialists with the aim of increasing the marketing share in a measurable and data-driven way to lead the company to success. In addition to budget responsibilities, since 2014, her remit has also included contributing to the digital transformation process in marketing at Lufthansa and within the Lufthansa Group. She specializes in introducing strategic, KPI-based planning methods, econometric models, digital attribution, and strategic implementation and use of marketing technology. Her unit focuses on developing MarTech target visions and implementing a marketing data platform on the measurement and optimization of interdependencies between marketing investments and their contribution to incremental success.

She pays special attention to necessary change processes in collaboration with associated departments such as IT, sales and business intelligence.

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