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Speaker: Alwin Viereck

Alwin Viereck

Alwin Viereck

United Internet Media

Alwin Viereck works for United Internet Media as Vice President since 2018. Within the publishing house he is responsible for Programmatic Advertising, Yield Management and Technical Application and Media Management. His former role has been the affiliate network affilinet, also part of United Internet, where he worked as Director Product, Strategy & Communication since 2012, being part of the management board as of 2014. Alwin Viereck has more than 20 years of strategic product development as well as digital advertising experience and started his career as founder of digital education and ecommerce startups. He also worked for consulting company Accenture, the DFV AG a direct insurer, as well as for Tutoria a digital education company of Holtzbrinck Digital, where he was General Manager.

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