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Speaker: Umberto Torrielli

Umberto Torrielli

Umberto Torrielli


Umberto holds over 15 years’ experience within the digital marketing and data technology marketplace. He co-founded Silver Bullet Data Services in 2016 and is currently Chief Strategy Officer for the global data, content, and programmmatic services organisation Silverbullet. Before this latest venture, he spent a number of years agency and technology side, including two years at broadcaster focused technology platform, FreeWheel (now owned by Comcast),and just shy of four years at leading marketing cloud and data management platform BlueKai, (now owned by Oracle). Umberto brings unrivalled technical proficiency of the customer data and technology landscape, having completed several dozens of migrations and implementations of SaaS solutions across varying tech stacks. His expertise is truly second to none, and in conjunction with his partners, has built a truly unique operational services and product company empowering businesses to unlock their data’s full potential.

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