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April 26th & 27th 2022 in Hamburg
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Speaker: Ralf Strauss

Ralf Strauss

Ralf Strauss

Marketing Tech Lab / Deutscher Marketing Verband

Dr. Ralf Strauss is Managing Partner of Customer Excellence GmbH, Managing Partner of Marketing Tech Lab GmbH, Chairman of the CMO Community, Chairman of the digital CMO Community, Managing Partner of the CMO Academy GmbH, President of the German Marketing Association (DMV), and Vice Chairman of the European Marketing Confederation (EMC). Before, he has been the Senior Vice President at Volkswagen for large scale projects in Marketing & Sales, driving the Digital Transformation across the entire Volkswagen group from a comprised business and IT perspective. Prior to that, he had various roles within SAP, such as having been the Global Vice President of Product Management for CRM Marketing, as the long-time CMO for SAP in Germany & Central Europe, and the head of Corporate Development for SAP in Germany.

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