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Speaker: Frazer Locke

Frazer Locke

Frazer Locke

Amazon Ads

Frazer Locke is Director of AdTech Sales for Amazon Ads in EU5 (Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain), a position he has held since 2021. His team specialise in selling Amazon's AdTech proposition, including the Amazon DSP, Sizmek Ad Server (including DCO capability), Amazon Marketing Cloud (data clean room), as well as partnering with AWS on the AWS+Ads program. Frazer has worked at Amazon since 2013, with his first two years in the retail org as Head of Vendor Management for Video Games in the UK, before moving to Amazon Ads in 2015 to lead the UK Entertainment Sales team until he moved to lead the EU AdTech Sales team in 2019. Prior to Amazon, Frazer has held numerous operational and commercial roles within the retail industry since 1991, moving to ecommerce related leadership roles since 2007.

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