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Speaker: Julia Wittich-Sauer

Julia Wittich-Sauer

Julia Wittich-Sauer


Julia Wittich-Sauer joined Criteo Germany in 2012 and is currently leading the team that manages and develops publisher partnerships in Central Europe (DACH, Eastern Europe, Russia). Since November 2019, she has also been co-chair of the Mobile focus group at BVDW and the Metaverse department that emerged from it in 2022. In addition to her position as Director Business Development, she has been a representative of the "Criteo Cares Community", an employee-supported CSR program in Criteo’s Munich office, which promotes sustainability, diversity and inclusion, since 2018. Before moving into the digital industry, she worked at Süddeutsche Zeitung and has been an ardent advocate of the open internet ever since.

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