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Speaker: Engin Ergün

Engin Ergün

Engin Ergün


Engin is CEO and founder of the start-up 4BRO from Lünen, which was founded in 2020. As an experienced marketing expert and creative entrepreneur, he is not only responsible for business development and the internationalization of the start-up, but also the centerpiece - the in-house 4BRO app - as well as the success factor of the lifestyle brand: (digital) marketing. Engin began his professional career after studying business administration at the TU Dortmund as a project manager at the E-Plus Group. There he successfully launched the first German-Turkish ethnomarketing campaign - the “Ay-Yildiz” mobile network. During this time he decided to pursue his great passions: self-employment, wholesaling and sales. In his position as a freelance consultant, he worked for large corporations such as Siemens, Vodafone, Haribo and Sony. The demand for his expertise became so great that Engin founded his own and Germany-wide first agency for ethnomarketing. His passion and joy in marketing as well as his entrepreneurial spirit ultimately led him to found the wholesaling company ethnoIQ, from which 4BRO arose. With more than 20 years of expertise in retail and marketing, a unique understanding of target groups and unconventional communication, Engin hits the nerve of an entire generation with the 4BRO brand.

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