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Speaker: Sylwia Iwanejko-Sajewska

Sylwia Iwanejko-Sajewska

Sylwia Iwanejko-Sajewska


Sylwia Iwanejko-Sajeweska has been active in the German digital industry for many years and is very well connected. Thanks to her more than 15 years of experience in digital advertising and adtech, she knows the challenges and needs of publishers, agencies and advertising companies very well. Before joining TripleLift, Sylwia Iwanejko-Sajewska was, among other things, Vice President of Sales DACH at the programmatic expert Hivestack, Head of Buyer for Central Europe at the sell-side advertising platform Magnite, Senior Key Account Manager for the DACH business of the music and entertainment platform Vevo and held various positions at the global data platform plista and the international agency network IPG. Sylwia Iwanejko-Sajewska was also active in the German Digital Economy Association for many years and also advanced important issues in the industry.

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