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Speaker: Ilana Rolef-Heberling

Ilana Rolef-Heberling

Ilana Rolef-Heberling

PwC Deutschland

As an expert in marketing and communication with a focus on strategic brand management online and offline, Ilana Rolef-Heberling has more than 18 years of experience in the digital transformation of companies and brands (B2B & B2C).

As Head of Brand Transformation & Communications, she advises and supports companies of all sizes across industries to take the next step towards a sustainable, holistic digital company model and always has the brand in mind. She is a change driver and addresses current trends and the relevance of sustainable branding as well as 360 ° campaigns, solutions and hybrid marketing strategies (offline and online). She is tireless to be part of constant change and to stand up for new topics. Therefore, she has made it her goal to integrate diversity, equity & inclusion sustainably into the digital transformation and advises companies on anchoring their DE&I strategy in corporate transformation and the positive impact on their brand.

Rolef-Heberling previously held leading marketing positions in the fields of technology, e-commerce and media, including at ZMS, nugg.ad, Viacom Networks and UFA Show & Factual.

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