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Speaker: Oliver Busch

Oliver Busch

Oliver Busch

Author - Angel - Advisor

Oliver Busch is a seasoned leader in Global CMO CEO COO roles. Advisor, angel investor, book author, renown speaker, networker. Being passionate for people, organizations & brands, his common thread over 30 years in the industry is building bridges for marketers to innovation + execution. As speaker, writer, leader + industry spokesperson he was among the very first on the major paradigm shifts like "Brand Building in the Digital Age“. Targeting & Performance Marketing as well as Programmatic Advertising – with companies such as BBDO Scout24 Parship or MediaMath. His book “Programmatic Advertising” is a globally most sold standard reference. As COO Site-lead and Director DACH with Meta he served longer than 99% of the social network’s global workforce focused on innovation + excellence for agencies + the ecosystem. Building the bridge for marketers towards the evolving metaverse was one of his core responsibilities on a global EMEA and local level.

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