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Speaker: Julia Bösch

Julia Bösch

Julia Bösch


Julia Bösch is CEO and co-founder of OUTFITTERY, Europe's leading personal shopping service for women and men. Julia studied technology management and business administration at the Ludwig Maximilians University, the Technical University in Munich and the Columbia Business School in New York. She started her professional career at Zalando in 2009. Enthusiastic about e-commerce and its technological possibilities, she founded OUTFITTERY together with Anna Alex in 2012. The 37-year-old is one of Germany's most successful and best-known founders and has built one of the most innovative e-commerce companies in Europe. Julia and Anna packed the first styling boxes themselves in their own living room. Today she employs 350 people in her company: from different nations. Diversity is just as important to Julia as the spirit of innovation and further development.

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