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Speaker: Beatrice Lindvall

Beatrice Lindvall

Beatrice Lindvall


Beatrice has spent the past 15+ years leading media functions across several FMCG companies including Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Heineken, Danone and most recently JDE. Her years in media has made her a global media executive with deep expertise within media management, marketing communication and digital transformation. While managing over $10Bn of media through her career Beatrice has built an in-depth knowledge of advertising and media (traditional, digital, cross-channel and innovation) including a deep knowledge of the media & digital value chain, how to foster strong internal and external culture of media excellence as well as managing transformation and change management. One of Beatrice greatest passions is integrated communication and how this grows brands and as such she’s also over the years been heavily involved in several industry bodies including WFA, Swedish Advertisers Association, M&M Global Media awards as well as Global Festival of Media as well as being a frequent speaker.

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