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Speaker: Jochen Kalka

Jochen Kalka

Jochen Kalka


Since 2019, Jochen is member of the management board of the communications agency schoesslers alongside founder Julia Schössler. Innovative companies, start-ups and digital transformers dominate the action here, and the topics from areas such as AdTech, MarTech, Mobility or E-Health often seem like they are from the future. In the past, Jochen was Editor-in-Chief at Süddeutscher Verlag in Munich for more than 20 years, where he was responsible for titles such as W&V - Werben & Verkaufen, Lead Digital, Media & Marketing, Kontakter and Marketingjournal. At Marke 41, he regularly writes a column with which he likes to put his finger in the wound. He has also polarized opinion with his latest book, "Startup-Lüge," in which the self-confessed startup fan exposes poor practices.

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