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Speaker: Karsten Krienke

Karsten Krienke

Karsten Krienke


Karsten has been passionate about digital publishing and website monetization for 20 years. As Managing Director of Yieldlove, he and his team are committed to finding the best possible solution for publishers to maximize their ad revenues sustainably. Karsten's positions in the digital industry demonstrate his many years of expertise. In the wake of selling his company Sohomint, Karsten moved to Axel Springer in 2010 and on to Axel Springer Media in 2015, where he spent several years in leading positions developing and shaping digital product strategy and development, particularly in the areas of digital and data products, programmatic advertising, and yield management. In 2019, he joined BurdaForward as Director Ad Platforms Strategy, where he was most recently responsible for the app system of the national content brand FOCUS as Director FOCUS Online Apps. True to his motto "Everything that can be standardized should be automated", Karsten, as Managing Director of Yieldlove, is now committed to further optimizing the ad tech specialists' industry-leading programmatic solutions. Out of personal conviction and as a passionate team player, Karsten relies on cooperation and collaboration to achieve these goals.

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