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Uwe Seebacher

Uwe	Seebacher

Uwe Seebacher


Uwe Seebacher is one of the world's leading methodologists and structural scientists. He holds a doctorate in economics and business administration. He is Professor of Predictive Intelligence at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Professor of Marketing and Communication at the University of Applied Sciences for Marketing and Communication in Vienna and Professor of Data Science and Sales & Distribution Management at the IMT in Dubai. He has more than 30 years of experience as an author, investor, professor and speaker. He is the author of more than 50 books in many leading publishing houses, such as the standard work in the field of industrial goods marketing "Praxishandbuch B2B Marketing" (Springer Gabler 2023), "Assets-as-Service" (Springer Gabler 2021), "Data-driven Management" (Springer Gabler 2021), "Predictive Intelligence for Managers" (Springer 2021), "Marketing Resource Management" (AQPS 2021), "Leadership Development" (Linde 2006) or "Template-based Management (Springer 2020) or "European Human Resource Management" (HBM 2009) or the "Handbuch Führungskräfte-Entwicklung" (USP 2004). Seebacher is a member of the Executive Board of Thin-kers.ai, the Institute for Sales and Marketing Automation (IFSMA) and the Expert Advisory Board of the Federal Association of Industrial Communication (BVIK) as well as Marco-nomy. He is CFO at FYNEST International (www.fynest.agency) and at Predictores.ai (www.predictores.ai), a student start-up at Munich University of Applied Sciences in the field of predictive intelligence. He is also involved in other companies as an investor and academic advisor. He has received various awards for his innovative concepts and initiatives, e.g. with Allianz, the European Union, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Bayer Leverkusen and BASF, such as the Diskobolos Innovation Award of the European Chamber of Commerce and the 2016 Export Award of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. Further information can be found at www.uweseebacher.org or on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/uweseebacher/.

Represented in the following tracks at the d3con:

  • 2024 MAIN STAGE: d3con Innovation Award 2024

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