11th & 12th March 2025 in Hamburg

Oliver von Wersch

Oliver von Wersch

Oliver von Wersch

nxt statista

Oliver has been a major leader in digital transformation for some of the top media companies in Germany and Europe. He founded vonwerschpartner Digital Strategies in April 2017, and joined nxt statista as a Partner in October 2021. He has been working in senior management positions for more than 10 years, and aggregates more than 20 years of digital expertise. His knowledge covers all relevant parts of the digital value chain - product, tech, advertising, strategy. Amongst others, Oliver had senior management roles at Tomorrow Focus AG (Burda), arvato mobile (Bertelsmann), and Gruner + Jahr. He built up the mobile advertising business for Gruner + Jahr from 2008, leading it to German market leadership. Became CEO of Gruner + Jahr digital ad sales unit in 2010, and CEO of the digital products division in 2012. Before founding his own company, he was responsible for all strategic relationships of Gruner + Jahr Digital. nxt statista supports (amongst others) media companies, advertisers, and industry organizations in their digital strategy development and execution.

Represented in the following tracks at the d3con:

  • 2024 MASTERCLASSES II: From Privacy Sandbox to Cookie Deprecation to Curation 2.0: How to Survive in Programmatic in 2024

  • 2023 MAIN STAGE: Programmatic Audio Advertising

  • 2022 STAGE II: Guide to Brand Safety & Brand Suitability

  • 2021 MASTERCLASSES II: IAB Tech Lab – Standards Agenda 2021

  • 2021 STAGE II: Future focus Brand Safety and Brand Suitability

  • 2021 STAGE II: The long year Zero

  • 2019 STAGE II: Deep Dive Third Party Data & Data Quality – powered by OWM

  • 2019 STAGE II: Publishers' Panel

  • 2018 STAGE II: Adblocker-Panel

  • 2017 ADVERTISER TRACK: Adblocker Panel

  • 2014 PUBLISHER/VERMARKTER TRACK: Adblocker Panel

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