11th & 12th March 2025 in Hamburg

Carsten Sander

Carsten Sander

Carsten Sander


Carsten Sander developed his enthusiasm for topics related to digitization back in the mid-1990s, when he implemented the digital communication system "Medien Online" for the Milchstrasse publishing group. Last year, he celebrated his 20th anniversary as an employee at BurdaForward / Huber Burda Media. Together with his team, he is responsible for various innovations (e.g. BanderoleAd) in the online media sector and founded the BVDW Unit Adtechnology together with Alexander Schott. Most recently, he and his team developed a new marketing concept for BurdaForward and established the term "Goodvertising," which stands for a user-oriented approach. Transformation, and with it the ever-changing challenges and tasks, are his passion, and if you want to hear what's on his mind, feel free to subscribe to the DATALICIOUS podcast. Carsten Sander is Director Tech Operations at BurdaForward.

Represented in the following tracks at the d3con:

  • 2024 MASTERCLASSES: Publishing experts fire-side chat
  • 2024 MASTERCLASSES: Shifting tides to direct sold: strategies for publisher success
  • 2023 MASTERCLASSES: Publishing experts fire-side chat

  • 2022 MASTERCLASSES: Publisher Experts Fireside Chat

  • 2022 STAGE II: First-Party Data Activation

  • 2021 MASTERCLASSES: BurdaForward on the most innovative way to future-proof the use of data to protect user privacy

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