11th & 12th March 2025 in Hamburg

Christian Eisenblätter

Christian Eisenblätter

Christian Eisenblätter

Integral Ad Science

Christian Eisenblätter has over a decade of experience in the digital advertising industry and is characterized by his extensive expertise in programmatic. After spending valuable years on the publisher side, Christian deepened his knowledge through extensive work at a Demand Side Platform (DSP), where he dealt intensively with ad tech and programmatic advertising in particular. Christian Eisenblätter currently works at Integral Ad Science (IAS) as a Programmatic Subject Matter Expert (SME). In this role, he is responsible for all buy-side relevant topics around the measurement and optimization of media quality in programmatic advertising. Christian is passionate about helping advertisers use technology efficiently to maximize the potential of their advertising budgets and achieve their marketing goals. His experience and expertise make him a valued speaker at industry events such as d3con, where he shares insights into best practices and strategies for successful programmatic advertising.

Represented in the following tracks at the d3con:

  • 2024 MASTERCLASSES: Attention & Media Quality - Unleashing the impact of advertising
  • 2023 MASTERCLASSES: The crucial question - How can contextual targeting become more efficient?

  • 2022 MASTERCLASSES II: The Power of Content – Using Contextual Solutions for Perfect Ad Placements

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