11th & 12th March 2025 in Hamburg

Maximilian Steudel

Maximilian Steudel

Maximilian Steudel

Dr. Oetker

Maximilian is MarTech and Digital Engagement Lead in the international Marketing Excellence department at Dr. Oetker, one of Europe's leading food brands. Together with his team, he is responsible for the global MarTech infrastructure in over 40 countries and implements solutions that decisively shape the digital transformation of the group. Before joining Dr. Oetker, Maximilian worked for various innovative companies in e-commerce. With Triple A Internetshops, he led several platforms into the top 100 of the most successful online shops, and at GastroHero he helped to build up the marketing of what was at times Germany's fastest-growing B2B company.

Represented in the following tracks at the d3con:

  • 2024 STAGE II: Successful in the FMCG market

  • 2023 STAGE II: It’s the final countdown (is it?)

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