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Miriam Fohrmann

Miriam Fohrmann

Miriam Fohrmann


Miriam Fohrmann started at Sixt in November 2013 as Head of Online Advertising. Her responsibilities include Performance Display, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media.

Being an Online Marketing addict for over 7 years, she decided in 2007 to take on a position at the Performance Marketing Agency metapeople in her hometown Duisburg. In 2010 she moved to Munich to open-up and lead metapeoples first company location in the South of Germany. With her team she offered her clients a variety of Performance Marketing Disciplines such as SEA, SEO, Performance Media, Affiliate Marketing and DRTV.

Represented in the following tracks at the d3con:

  • 2015 ADVERTISER TRACK: Top Brand-Advertisers' Experience Sharing

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