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Daniel Distler

Daniel Distler

Daniel Distler

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Daniel Distler has been with Telefónica Deutschland since 2011. As team leader performance marketing & data driven advertising, he and his team are responsible for online marketing across all paid channels, including paid search, performance display, social & newsletter advertising as well as affiliate & influencer marketing for the core brand o2. Before that, he managed various strategic online transformation projects at Telefónica, was temporarily responsible for digital branding, established the initial ad tech stack and implemented the first marketing attribution. He also runs his own online marketing podcast "My Marketing is better than yours".

Represented in the following tracks at the d3con:

  • 2023 MASTERCLASSES: How companies can protect themselves from ad fraud

  • 2023 MASTERCLASSES: Mastering Performance Marketing in a non-trackable World

  • 2022 STAGE II: Telco Marketing: Challenges in a Saturated Market with Exchangeable Products

  • 2016 ADVERTISER TRACK: Top brand-advertisers' experience sharing

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