11th & 12th March 2025 in Hamburg

Marcel Heuer

Marcel Heuer

Marcel Heuer


Marcel Heuer founded Heuer Media GmbH at the end of 2023. As CEO of an innovative full-service agency, he focuses on programmatic campaigns based on a "setup for success". Marcel has already implemented innovative campaigns and concepts, digital productions and media planning for the campaign agency ANKOMM for 2022 and 2023. Thanks to his many years of expertise in these specialist areas and his extensive programmatic know-how in the advertising industry, Marcel manages to combine everything under one roof and has brought complementary partners on board.

Represented in the following tracks at the d3con:

  • 2024 STAGE II: Data driven marketing for the middle class

  • 2024 STAGE II: Agency managing directors panel

  • 2023 MAIN STAGE: Performance Marketing Pros

  • 2022 MASTERCLASSES II: CTV Best Cases & Practices by EMX Digital

  • 2021 MAIN STAGE: Transparency in programmatic advertising – 4 sides of the same coin

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