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d3con 2012 - Videos and presentations

d3con 2012 - Videos and presentations - TRACK 1

Advertiser best practice: Data driven display advertising from an advertiser's view

Best practice RTB: Experiences from 3 leading entrepreneurs

Moderation: Thomas Promny PDF Download (d3con 2012 Lothar Krause Best Practice RTB - 4.7 MB) PDF Download (d3con 2012 Jens Jokschat Best Practice RTB - 2.2 MB)

Integrated Yield Optimizatioin - The ideal application of RTB today and in the future

PDF Download (d3con 2012 Kay Schneider Integrierte Yield Optimierung - 1.8 MB)

Programatic buying: International success stories

Moderation: Thomas Promny PDF Download (d3con 2012 Tanzil Bukhari Programmatic Buying - 1.7 MB)

Publishers & SSP Panel

Moderation: Kay Schneider

Unternehmer-Panel: Welche unternehmerischen Chancen und Risiken stecken im Thema Data Driven Display?

Moderation: Thomas Promny

Agency strategies panel

Moderation: Jens Jokschat

Data Panel: Where are the best sources for targeting segments?

Moderation: Matthias Pantke

d3con 2012 - Videos and presentations - TRACK 2

Data Driven Online Advertising and privacy from a legal perspective

Privacy for Mobile Apps and Mobile Advertising

Panel: EU Data Privacy Regulation – current trends and practical relevance

Moderation: Christoph Bauer

Yield Optimization in real life: Technology and know how

PDF Download (d3con 2012 Malte Syska Yield Optimierung Praxis - 0.8 MB)

DSP Demand Side Platforms Panel

Moderation: Ulrich Hegge

Audience Buying from an Advertisers View

Technische Voraussetzungen für Targeting & RTB

Assessment of placement performance from a statistical perspective

PDF Download (d3con 2012 Ghosh Wagner Beurteilung Placement - 0.9 MB)