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d3con 2016 - Videos and presentations

d3con 2016 - Videos and presentations - MAIN STAGE

Risks, fraud and chances - Programmatic in 2016!

Moderation: Thomas Promny

Adblocker panel: combat, ignore or render superfluous?

Moderation: Dino Bongartz

Distributors becoming publishers and marketers

Moderation: Jens Jokschat

Top brand-advertisers' experience sharing

Moderation: Jochen Schlosser PDF Download (d3con 2016 Top Brand Advertisers Strategy Raisin Dr Saskia Appelhoff - 0.3 MB)

Entrepreneurs' panel

Moderation: Dirk Freytag

Publisher & sales house panel - who is actually better at RTA?

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Seitz

Politics & privacy panel

Moderation: Christoph Bauer

d3con 2016 - Videos and presentations - STAGE II

From Frankenstein to Superman - How a Single Platform Can Maximize and Strengthen Your Total Advertising Revenue and Client Relationships

Moderation: Julia Schössler

Programmatic video challenge

Moderation: Dirk Freytag PDF Download (d3con 2016 Programmatic Video Challenge SpotX Stefan Beckmann - 1.7 MB)

Reducing complexity in the ad tech field via meta-concepts

Moderation: Julia Schössler PDF Download (d3con 2016 Reduzierung Der Komplexitaet Ueber Meta Konzepte Orbyd Frederike Voss - 2.6 MB)

Mobile marketing panel

Moderation: Mark Wächter

User journey best practice

Moderation: Dirk Freytag PDF Download (d3con 2016 User Journey Challenge Webtrekk Christian Sauer - 1.8 MB)

Innovation track

Moderation: Julia Schössler

Germany as Pioneer for Transparency and Quality (BVDW)

Moderation: Leif Pellikan

Detecting and combating ad fraud

Moderation: Frederike Voss PDF Download (d3con 2016 Detecting And Combating Ad Fraud Adform Oliver Weiss - 3.9 MB)

d3con 2016 - Videos and presentations - WORKSHOPS