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d3con 2015 - Videos and presentations

d3con 2015 - Videos and presentations - ADVERTISER TRACK


Moderation: Thomas Promny

RTA experts panel

Moderation: Ulrich Hegge

Using RTA for a holistic customer address

Moderation: Ulrich Hegge PDF Download (d3con 2015 Heinemann Nutzung RTA Kundenansprache - 0.6 MB)


Moderation: Ralf Scharnhorst PDF Download (d3con 2015 Frankel New Digital Era - 1.8 MB)

More Brand Advertisers!

Moderation: Ralf Scharnhorst

Data providers' panel

Moderation: Dino Bongartz

CRM goes display

Moderation: Jan Möllendorf

d3con 2015 - Videos and presentations - PUBLISHER TRACK


Moderation: Julia Schössler

Adblocker panel: Combat, ignore or make unneccesary?

Moderation: Julia Schössler

RTA for publishers 2015

Moderation: Julia Schössler

How Mobile Fits Into Your RTA Strategy

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Seitz PDF Download (d3con 2015 Kruse Smaato - 1.6 MB)

Sales houses, Publishers and SSPs Panel

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Seitz

Innovation Track

Moderation: Dr. Jochen Schlosser PDF Download (d3con 2015 Gemme Wywy - 1.4 MB) PDF Download (d3con 2015 Joseph Captify - 2.1 MB)

Entrepreneurs' Panel

Moderation: Ulrich Hegge

Personnel Panel

Moderation: Dwight Cribb