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Hamburg, Germany

d3con 2018 - Videos and presentations - MAIN STAGE

An unfiltered view of today’s challenges in the digital media space.

Moderation: Erik Siekmann

Panel of experts: Programmatic 2018

Moderation: Dino Bongartz

GDPR & ePrivacy – how new data protection rules are changing the industry

Moderation: Ralf Scharnhorst

International Experts Panel

Moderation: Simon Halstead

Ad tech – what will happen in 2018 from a VC perspective?

Moderation: Philipp Westermeyer

Transparency is standard! What now?

Moderation: Raoul Fischer

Founders' Panel

Moderation: Susanne Gillner

d3con 2018 - Videos and presentations - STAGE II

Programmatic Forensics: The Discovery of HyphBot

Presentation: Dino Bongartz

Agencies vs. Advertisers – who benefits from agency trading desks?

Presentation: Erik Siekmann

Expert panel on Data, Log-in and Consent Alliances

Presentation: Dino Bongartz


Presentation: Raoul Fischer

Agents instead of agencies: The new marketing world of Alexa & co.

Presentation: Harald R. Fortmann

Programmatic Everywhere

Presentation: Leif Pellikan

Consolidating the marketing landscape in Germany

Presentation: Juliane Paperlein

d3con 2018 - Videos and presentations - WORKSHOPS

Top Trends That Will Shape the Future of the Mobile Advertising Industry

PDF Download (d3con 2018 Top Trends Mobile Advertising Groth Smaato - 1.9 MB)

d3con 2018 - Videos and presentations - BEACH

Presentation: Thomas Promny PDF Download (d3con University 2018 Programmatic Mediaplanung Kraft - 4.0 MB)

Presentation: Jens Jokschat

Presentation: Jens Jokschat

Presentation: Ralf Scharnhorst

Presentation: Ralf Scharnhorst

Presentation: Leif Pellikan

Presentation: Ralf Scharnhorst

d3con 2018 - Videos and presentations - BEACH II

d3con 2018 - Videos and presentations - BEACH III