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d3con 2019 - Videos and presentations

d3con 2019 - Videos and presentations - MAIN STAGE

Exposing Ad Fraud

Moderation: Justin Lebbon PDF Download (d3con 2019 Exposing Ad Fraud Silverman - 19.7 MB)

Experts' Panel: Programmatic 2019

Moderation: Jochen Schlosser

”The State of the Nation” from the Point of View of Leading Advertisers

Moderation: Erik Siekmann

International Experts' Panel

Moderation: Justin Lebbon

Are Consultants the Better Media Agencies?

Moderation: Erik Siekmann

BVDW: Programmatic beyond Display / Mobile

Moderation: Raoul Fischer

d3con 2019 - Videos and presentations - STAGE II

The Winning Setup of Leading (Digital) Advertisers

Moderation: Julia Schössler PDF Download (d3con 2019 Das Gewinner Setup Der Führenden Digital Advertiser Siekmann - 4.5 MB)

In-house vs. Outsourcing in Online Marketing

Moderation: Harald Fortmann

Founders' Panel

Moderation: Kolja Brosche

Focus on Retention and Marketing for Existing Customers

Moderation: Harald Fortmann

Data Protection Panel

Moderation: Julia Schössler

Publishers' Panel

Moderation: Oliver von Wersch

Deep Dive Third Party Data & Data Quality – powered by OWM

Moderation: Oliver von Wersch

What Can I Learn for My Business from Election Campaigning?

Moderation: Ralf Scharnhorst

How We Changed as a Digital Publisher to Produce Viral Videos for Well-known German Brands

Moderation: Andreas Gutjahr

d3con 2019 - Presentations - WORKSHOPS

Successful Agency Management: How advertisers achieve their targets with the right agency management.

PDF Download (d3con 2019 Erfolgreiche Agentursteuerung Siekmann - 3.7 MB)

Cost per View & Video Completion: The new digital currency?

PDF Download (d3con 2019 Cost Per View And Video Completion Mura Krämer - 58.7 MB)

Die evolution of the digital dream

PDF Download (d3con 2019 Evolution Des Digitalen Traums Kattermann - 2.4 MB)

User journey analysis using recurrent neural networks

PDF Download (d3con 2019 User Journey Analyse Funk Krause - 2.2 MB)

Data driven creativity: Greater effect and higher conversion using data in creation

PDF Download (d3con 2019 Data Driven Creativity Türck - 4.2 MB)

d3con University 2019 - Videos and presentations - BEACH

Moderation: Thomas Promny

Moderation: Julia Schössler

Moderation: Melanie Hughes

Moderation: Kolja Brosche

Moderation: Susanne Gillner

Moderation: Ralf Scharnhorst

Moderation: Raoul Fischer

d3con University 2019 - Videos and presentations - BEACH II

d3con University 2019 - Videos and presentations - BEACH III